Clapham Common Policing News – October 2015

This is the Abbeville Road and Clapham Common Ward Policing News Update for October 2015. To keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments you can also follow us on Twitter @MPSClaphamCom.

Shoplifters continue to be dealt with by the team. A male with a “flagrant disregard for court orders” found himself being handed two consecutive 4-week prison sentences following theft offences on Abbeville Road. A number of visits have also been made to individuals recently released from prison returning to the area, reminding them of our intolerance for criminality in and around the Abbeville Road.

Regular patrols have continued to tackle crime hotspots, seeing the recovery of a number of stolen mopeds. The recovery of stolen vehicles really helps disrupt and prevent further offences, particularly related to mopeds, such as moped-enabled robberies.

PC Lance Edmondson has moved on to a new role, as Community Liaison Officer. While walking into Brixton with him recently I had the pleasure of meeting some charity walkers from Bellenden (@BellendenLocal) completing a ‘Town Hall Trek’ and the Mayor of Lambeth (@MayorLBLambeth). The team wishes Lance well in the new role!

The team continued to carry out regular weapon sweeps of the Notre Dame Estate recovering a number of knives and a handgun magazine in early October. We’d like to take this opportunity to encourage residents to report any suspicious activity on the estate – and to use CrimeStoppers where you wish to remain anonymous.

Stop and search was back in the news and on the eve of the Home Secretary’s latest speech on the topic, we used stop and search and other tactics to take two knives off the streets within the space of half an hour. One of the knives had been stashed in a stairwell, while the other was carried in the waistband of a young man. Our continued work to tackle knife crime really does help save lives.

Our colleagues from the Central Cluster Problem Solving Team were also able to lend a hand in tackling knife crime on the Notre Dame Estate, recovering the following knife following a foot chase leading to the arrest of a suspect.

Another cause for concern in October were the reported series of linked sexual assaults in the Clapham and Brixton area of Lambeth. At the time of writing detectives and other colleagues continue to work hard and to appeal for information. If you have any information please do call 101, and if you feel unsafe, fear for your safety or otherwise have an emergency call 999.

On a happier note, the end of the month also saw Halloween and it was great to see so many local residents in and around Abbeville Road entering into the spirit of a Happy Halloween with decorations, pumpkins, cobwebs and more!

Also, as the darker nights draw in, please do keep an eye out for any suspicious looking characters, be sure to lock your windows and double-lock doors. Small actions really can help us make the Abbeville Road area a less attractive target for thieves and burglars.

Last, but not least, October saw the Police Bravery Awards and in Clapham we remembered PC Patrick Dunne who was murdered in Clapham some 22 years ago:

“On 20th October 1993 PC Dunne attended a domestic dispute at a house in Cato Road in Clapham. On hearing gunshots he left the house to investigate. Gary Lloyd Nelson and two others had just executed William Danso in a hail of bullets in the doorway of his house. Nelson said Danso disrespected him by refusing him entry to a nightclub then breaking up a fight in which Nelson was involved. PC Dunne was in full uniform and wearing a reflective jacket, and as such was easily identifiable as a police officer. He was unarmed As he emerged from the house to investigate the gunshots he was shot in the chest by Gary Lloyd Nelson. A celebratory shot was fired into the air and Nelson and his accomplices left the scene laughing.”

We hope that this update demonstrates our continued commitment to tackling crime, illegal drugs and anti-social behaviour wherever it exists in the Abbeville Road area and Clapham Common Ward. We continue regular patrols of stairwells, communal areas and open spaces. We appreciate the continued support of our residents and would ask any information regarding crime be provided in the usual fashion and by Crimestoppers if you prefer to do so anonymously (0800 555 111).

If you’d like to receive news updates via email you can sign up to Neighbourhood Link or email the team at and request to be added to the Ward Panel Newsletter. If you feel we have missed something out or would like us to address a particular issue, please do get in touch.

About the Author

PC Rory Geoghegan
I was the Dedicated Ward Officer for Clapham Common Ward in the London Borough of Lambeth until May 2016. I’m a former strategy consultant and criminal justice researcher. As a Dedicated Ward Officer I was something of a foot and cycle patrol fanatic! All views expressed are/were personal opinions and the usual disclaimers apply.

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