London’s Finest Calling London’s Finest Android and iOS developers!

Forgive this rather rushed blog, but I have been taken aback by the initial response to my tweet (thanks to all for RTs)!

I have a problem, I have a simple scalable idea for an app to help fight crime (in fact a few ideas, but you can’t do everything, right?!) and while I’m happy to code a backend service, mobile app development on the front-end has a learning curve I don’t have time to climb… I’m tech savvy so I won’t be asking for the earth and constantly changing my mind on what’s required. It’s a simple idea and I’m hoping that together we can quickly make it happen.

So, if you might have a few hours (and I really do only see it being a very few hours!) to offer, ‘pro-bono’, to create an app to help fight crime, please do get in touch. I’ll match it with the development of the backend (unless you are so awesome you’ll nail that in the time it takes me to sudo service apache2 reload!). I will be doing that in my own time, so you can think of it as matched giving!

If you’re interested in helping a neighbourhood cop do something cool to fight crime, please do let me know via the form below.

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By clicking 'Send' you are expressing an interest in helping build an app to fight crime. For the avoidance of any and all doubt, this is just one Neighbourhood PC looking for one awesome app developer to help fight crime by giving their time. I'm promising to drop you an email with further details shortly. I have no budget and I can't promise anything beyond the email I'll send out! However, it'd be kinda cool to just make it happen and see it make a difference, wouldn't it?

To check you understand and that we'll be a good fit, in this particular context there's only one correct answer to the below:

Finally, on a more practical note...

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PC Rory Geoghegan
I was the Dedicated Ward Officer for Clapham Common Ward in the London Borough of Lambeth until May 2016. I’m a former strategy consultant and criminal justice researcher. As a Dedicated Ward Officer I was something of a foot and cycle patrol fanatic! All views expressed are/were personal opinions and the usual disclaimers apply.

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